Helping you track the lifecycle and taxonomy of CBD

Offering transparency to the customer while adding value to CBD farmers, processors and dispensaries.
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Staking Is Here!

We have just launched our beta staking platform. 

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New Crypto Currency and Blockchain Technology

Strains is a new crypto currency and blockchain technology that helps track the lifecycle and taxonomy of CBD. Our goal is to offer transparency to the customer while adding value to CBD farmers, processors and dispensaries.

With SFN the CBD consumer can now see where the CBD was farmed, what conditions it grew in, how it was processed, what strain it is and much much more. CBD companies who integrate with Strains will now have the added value of issuing a NFT (Non fungible token) along with the purchase of their CBD. This will provide insight into the lifestyle of the product and ad value by being attached to an unique crypto NFT token.

Our CBD Partners

Why Strains

SFN is pioneering this technology. Being one of the first to integrate into our blockchain, comes with a lot of perks. We will have a CBD marketplace that will highlight all of the companies that integrate with SFN along with details about their company, the strains offered and NFT’s they have minted.

As a consumer purchasing, SFN certified CBD, you’re getting a great product and are totally aware of all the details of its lifecycle. No more guessing what’s inside your CBD.

The SFN Token

We understand that not everyone is a user or provider of CBD, but would still like to invest in the product. This is why we have decided to make SFN a deflationary token to organically create scarcity with each transaction.
Our tokenomics are as follows:


Strains has a digital NFT factory built into our protocol which will capture all of the meta details about each strain of CBD that is integrated on our network. Each vendor that handles the CBD in any way will have an opportunity to enter information about the CBD. Our network is scaleable and works for small all-in-one CBD shops to large complex CBD supply chains.


The Team

Benjamin BondCEO / Software Engineer

Benjamin Bond is a software developer and the CEO of Kings Block, the parent company of Strains Finance. He is an accomplished software engineer who is skilled in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and a host of other programming languages. Kings Block under the leadership of Benjamin hopes to create utility blockchain technology that solves problems with long-lasting products/services and fast-track the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Bright ElemejeCommunications Manager

With a first degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Global Business Management. Bright seeks to utilize his vast skills and knowledge to proffer solutions and introduce long-lasting products and services into the blockchain ecosystem.